A year of contrasts

This year I visited Thailand – my first Asian holiday.  Over the years I had been shown photos of Asian “un-safety”, and saw plenty of examples whilst there.  I also saw an immaculate hospital in Phuket.  A great contrast- as there were between the sleazy British and Thai con artists, the boozy tourists, the fun-loving Iranians and the devout Thai Buddhists.  Back home BFA experienced famine and feast – currently feast thank you.  I have employed an associate for an extended period – well done Kylee – and been disappointed by 3 month settlement by an university, 6 month by an Australian icon and continued paid- within-a-fortnight work with a wonderful not-for-profit.  Life is full of contrasts – when the not-for-profits pay promptly and the ultra capitalists must be dragged 5 copy invoices and half a year later to payment.  Perhaps that all makes sense somehow.

I have delivered a Government training product that reinforces all the negative perceptions about OHS and, in contrast, continued to participate in a Government program fostering grassroots safety support for small business.  Guess which one is more widely known and has more traction in Exhibition St?

And rounding out the year I have lowered my blood pressure by raising my blood pressure.  Yes, 10 years later I finally returned to the dojo and have begun the long road back to healthiness.  It is not just the weight loss (down 7 and counting), the blood pressure improvement, the increased stamina and reducing breathlessness – it is the euphoric natural uppers my body is producing.  Wow, how good can life be.  Learn to fight and feel so peaceful.

BFA has had a mixed year in workflow but at the time of writing has an almost unhealthy supply of work in this normally sparse time of the consultancy calendar, and a good looking order book in pipeline.  I am looking forward to 2016 – may it be another year of contrasts – but maybe  I’ll avoid the slow payers this year!




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